The Protection of the Black Family

For years, the black family has had a target on its back. The time for removing the target is now. One of the things that the military teaches is to be the one in control so that you cannot be controlled. That is the main goal of Makeba. We are here to equip you with the necessary education and mental tools so that your family is ready for the things that has become a norm within our neighborhoods and everyday lives.

Imagine that you and your children are at the football field watching a game and a shooting occurs. Does your children know what to do? Do you know what to do? If the person hit was to fall next to you and needs critical help, would you even know what to do?

None of those questions should be no. Putting you and your family in a position to be protected and to help is one of the best positions you can be in. Running should not be your only option.

Makeba wants to help educate the community so that this scenario and others scenarios similar to this one are properly planned for so that your evacuation and safety is primary.

Stay tuned as we are offering classes and packages that will change the way you view the word victim.


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