How To Keep Warm Without Gas or Electric.

During the winter a lot of families go without heat. Rather they have fallen upon hard times and can not pay the gas bill or they are caught in a storm and power is down for days. It is very important that through that time we understand how to keep warm and keep our strength…

Can you hear me now…….Good!

When is the last time that you tested your emergency communication skills? Are you able to properly let someone know that you are in distress? We are use to yelling the most common form of safety words which is “HELP”. There is nothing wrong with yelling help it is quick and straight to the point….

Survival: Can you save yourself?

This weekend I was wrestling with my middle daughter and my eldest daughter. My middle daughter challenged me as she inserted herself in a situation where she assumed that she wanted to be. I decided to use the situation as a learning opportunity.  I exercised the right of fight/flight/ fail. She was put in a…


As we sit back and marvel (you see what I did there….lol) at comic book superheros, I wonder how you see modern day heroes and protectors in your own community. To name a few comic book superheros that are black we have: Black Panther, Blade, Luke Cage, Storm, Green Lantern, Spawn, Falcon and many others….

Do I hear a call of action for family protection?

Why is it that this is becoming too common? Why is it that we are the target? Living should not be a call for execution just because you do not like the color of my skin. These were elders! I am beyond upset. But I have been pissed off about the lack of respect for…